Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stolen work

Have you ever had your work stolen from you?, ideas or physical work? I have had that happen both here at MECA and another school as well. I sat there watching someone do a presentation of my exact idea that I had discussed with them earlier on. It makes me so angry that I cannot look at that person or even think about them so I won't.
I do not share ideas with other people because of things like this. I am not going to be posting images of things that I have done or ideas for anything that I want to do because I had many paintings and pieces that I had done for a show stolen. I'm going to stop there because I just can't think about it but let me just say this last piece of advice. DO NOT EVER SHARE YOUR IDEAS WITH ANYONE THAT IS NOT A TRUSTED PERSON TO YOU AND NEVER EVER LET YOUR WORK OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!!!

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