Saturday, October 4, 2008


It has been very difficult to find a driving motivation that propels me to create. Writing and re-writing drafts of a face and body paper response was just tiresome at first. I knew why we were writing it but I was not at all sure what I would get from it. Soon after the writing of those drafts began we started a new project in the majors about portraiture.
From the portrait of the celebrated or famous or infamous person I started to become a little bit more interested in drawing people, famous people, not American though, because we have seen millions of drawings and portraits of the same old Hollywood stars and celebrities in music as well.
The few I have done are for the on-going visual project and with so many faces to draw it is difficult to know who to draw next. To me a portrait is a version of a person that we might otherwise not be able to see or recognize. The person does not even have to be living, sometimes I can say more about a person who has passed than about a still living person through a portrait. I do not think that I am very good at drawing people but I'm trying.

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