Saturday, October 4, 2008


Recently we had a visiting artist come into the illustration majors classes. We did exercises and had some homework assignments dealing with narrative and comics. I had started working on a comic last year and now that my interest in comics is rising again I would like to continue working on it. I might include it in the on-going visual project that we have been working on. I am not sure if I will though because there are some things that I do not like about it so far. I like the working plot so far but it is a struggle.
I was heavily influenced by manga when I started working on it. My favorite manga artist is Takehiko Inoue and he influenced me to start working on a comic of my own. I need to do more character development and work on where the plot will go next because the way it is looking so far is that there will be quite a few characters in this and I am not sure how they will all be introduced. If I could work on this only and nothing else I would. I have an idea I have been saving for another comic but I just cannot find the time to start it. I should just do one thing at a time but it is very difficult. The comic that I had started is an on-going thing but I haven't worked on it recently because of the lack of time to do anything at all it seems. When I finally do get a break it is either to eat or sleep and that's all. I will try to work on it when I can and that is all that can be done

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